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Wilderness Tripping at Darrow  Wilderness Tripping at Darrow  Wilderness Tripping at Darrow  Wilderness Tripping at Darrow 
Welcome To DarrowWelcome To DarrowWelcome To Darrow
Welcome To DarrowWelcome To Darrow

Life at DarrowDarrow is a group-oriented canoe trip camp. One third of the fresh water in the world flows through the wilderness of northern North America, and the canoe was developed specifically for travel through this distinctive environment. By focusing our program on wilderness canoe travel the campers and staff become more highly skilled and the trips are safer and more enjoyable for the camper.

The Darrow program today is based on the same "simple formula" as when it was founded by two Quaker educators, George and Janie Darrow, over half a century ago:

Wilderness tripping offers challenge, adventure, fun, relaxation, and a refreshing perspective on our complex world. It is based upon the development of specific skills. The senses of competence, self-confidence, and accomplishment that young people derive from leaving their homes and normal lives and learning to live simply and well in the wilderness are valuable steps in their development toward adulthood.

Natural surroundings lead hearts and minds to open to the power, beauty, and wonder of the natural world. This experience becomes an intrinsic part of a young person's education that can enrich them for the rest of their lives. We actively seek out and explore remote wilderness areas.

Darrow Wilderness Trip Camp

Limited enrollment leads to closer relationships between camper and camper and between campers and staff. Because our groups are small we do not have to regiment the lives of our campers. The atmosphere at camp is informal, direct, and friendly.

Guidance Not Pressure -- Challenge leads to growth when it is complemented by support. We have no need to create artificial challenges for our campers. No one is pushed beyond their individual capacity.

Individual attention given at Darrow encourages initiative and emphasizes cooperation with other campers, the staff, and the entire camp community. Immediate attention is given to individual or group problems.

We seek campers and staff who will enjoy and profit from a summer of healthy exercise and active adventure in the wilderness.

Darrow Wilderness Trip Camp