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Wilderness Tripping at Darrow  Wilderness Tripping at Darrow  Wilderness Tripping at Darrow  Wilderness Tripping at Darrow 
Getting to CampGetting to CampGetting to Camp
Getting to CampGetting to Camp
Life at DarrowPlease plan for your camper to arrive on Opening Day (the first day of the enrollment session) and to depart on Closing Day (the last day of the enrollment session).

    Driving to Grand Lake Stream
    • Allow 2 hrs 45 min driving time from Bangor to GLS
    • Take Interstate 95 north past Bangor, ME to Exit 227 for Lincoln, ME. It is wise to fill up here as there are comparatively few gas stations east of I-95.
    • From Exit 227 follow Route 6 east to Topsfield, ME.
    • Turn South (right) onto US route 1. Go about 15 miles.
    • Take a right turn onto the Grand Lake Stream Road. Follow 10 miles through the woods. This takes you right into town.
    • In town look for the Pine Tree Store on your left. Bear slightly right past the store and hatchery and follow the road across the bridge. Take the first right onto Shaw St. and follow to the end, where you will see several boathouses. The Darrow dock is the last one on the right, next to the white boathouse with green trim. You can unload here. There is public parking and a public outhouse available back up the road (now on the left) in the parking lot near the dam. If you have any questions, just ask at the Pine Tree Store.
    • The Darrow Camp boat will meet you at the dock.
    • Opening Days -- The Boat will pick-up campers (and parents) at approximately 9am, 11 am and 1 pm.
    • Closing Days -- The Boat will drop-off at roughly 11 am and 1 pm.
    • Parents who wish to visit Camp are invited to join us for lunch on Opening and Closing days.
    • A list of overnight accommodations in Grand Lake Stream will be mailed to enrolled campers.

    Commercial Airline to/from Bangor
    • Plan for your camper to arrive in Bangor International Airport before 3 pm on Opening Day, and/or to depart from Bangor after 12 pm on Closing Day
    • The airport is small, and campers will be met either by KT aviation or by a Darrow van.

    Commercial Bus - Concord Trailways or Greyhound to/from Bangor
    • Plan to arrive in Bangor, ME before 3 PM on Opening Day, and/or to depart after 12 pm on Closing Day
    • Let us know if your camper is arriving/departing by Concord Trailways or Greyhound. Campers will be met by either KT Aviation or a Darrow van

    Bangor, ME to/from Camp There are two options for travel between Bangor and Camp:
      • This is a very exciting way to travel to and from camp and a great way to appreciate the scale of Maine's wilderness. Staff from KT Aviation will meet campers at the Bangor Airport and bus stations, drive them to their base, and fly them directly to camp. On closing Day, KT will pick up campers at our dock and deliver them to the Bangor airport or bus stations.
      • Alternatively, parents may drop off or pick up campers at the KT Aviation seaplane base on Pushaw Lake near Bangor.
      • $135 each way. Darrow Camp will bill your incidental account. There will be an extra charge if your child is traveling as an unaccompanied minor.
      • NOTE: Darrow Camp will coordinate all KT Aviation flights in order to make the most efficient use of seats in the floatplane. Please don't contact KT Aviation directly to schedule flights. The Darrow Office will gladly take care of it.
      Darrow Van
      • On Opening and Closing Days, the Darrow Van Service runs between the Bangor, ME airport and bus stations to Grand Lake Stream. The Darrow Van staff will carry a cell phone and will be in contact with our office.
      • The charge is $100 each way. Darrow Camp will bill your incidental account.
      • IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE CALL THE DARROW OFFICE 888-854-0810 or email us at info@darrowcamp.org