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Wilderness Tripping at Darrow  Wilderness Tripping at Darrow  Wilderness Tripping at Darrow  Wilderness Tripping at Darrow 
Wilderness TripsWilderness TripsWilderness Trips
Wilderness TripsWilderness Trips

Life at DarrowDarrow is organized into small groups called sections. Each section includes a maximum of 12 campers and is led by two or more experienced staff. After initial training and outfitting at Base Camp each section goes out on one or more trips, returning to camp only for necessary supplies. The older sections spend the entire summer away from camp on extended wilderness expeditions.

Life at DarrowOur traditional style of canoe travel was first developed by native people and was adopted by the "voyageurs" of the early fur trade and by the early lumbermen. We blend the traditions of the past with the environmental awareness of the present with our wood-canvas canoes, wannigan boxes, tumplines, and canvas duffle bags made of natural materials. These time-tested tools and their associated skills greatly enhance efficiency, comfort and safety in the distinctive conditions of extended wilderness travel.

Darrow Wilderness Trip Camp

At the core of the Darrow experience is the challenge and adventure of exploring the wilderness. Every day is a new adventure as we paddle and portage our way through the grandeur of the great north woods. Our travels take us to a different campsite most nights, with a schedule that allows plenty of time for fishing, exploring, or just relaxing around the campfire. The younger sections explore the numerous local lakes surrounding our base camp, while the older sections are thrilled by shooting whitewater rapids, lining, poling, and wilderness route-finding, as they undertake progressively more challenging and remote trips appropriate to each section's level of experience.

Darrow Wilderness Trip Camp

Section placement is determined by age, experience, physical development, and emotional maturity. Every effort is made to accommodate individual preferences while balancing the enrollments and alignment of the sections. Darrow sections are typically coed, though single-sex sections are scheduled when there is sufficient interest.

Junior sections

Voyageurs: ages 11-12.
An introduction to wilderness canoe tripping in Maine.
June 23-July 6, July 7-July 20, July 21-August 4 (or combination)

Intermediate sections

Ages 13-15
Section C2:
Exploring the lakes and rivers of Downeast Maine.
June 23-July 6, July 7-July 20, July 21-August 4 (or combination)

Section C1:
Whitewater adventure on Maine's wilderness rivers
June 27-July 13, July 14-August 4 (or combination)

Senior sections

Ages 14-18
Section B:
An introduction to the exquisite wilderness rivers of northern Canada.
June 23- July 6, July 7 - August 4

Section A:
The Canadian wilderness whitewater trip of a lifetime.
June 23-August 4

Darrow Wilderness Trip Camp